24th IPMA World Congress , 2010-11-01

Title : ( Who Should Make Strategic Decisions in a Construction Project? )

Authors: Seyed Yaser Banihashemi , Mohammad Hossein Sobhiyah ,

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Authority of project managers to determine project strategy has been one of the most challenging debates in the field of construction projects. Some executive managers and experts believe that decisions related to project business and project strategy should be made by executive managers of project's parent organizations and then they should ask project managers to implement these strategies by transferring them to project plans. On the contrary some experts are of the opinion that rapid changes and global competition has enforced organizations to be more agile, responsive and competitive than the past and has made them consider projects as strategic weapons for creating economic value and competitive advantage, and for these reasons project managers should become strategic leaders and should take responsibility of project business results as well. They believe that today we don't have enough time to divide this responsibility among executive managers and project managers. The latter view highlights the maximum authority of project managers on making strategic decisions in strategic projects. From this debate a question is released that which factors should be concerned when we are deciding about authority of project managers. In this qualitative research, 31 project managers and executive managers were interviewed and 10 important factors related to this decision were extracted.


, project organization, project strategy, strategic decisions, strategic project leadership
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