International Journal of Review in Life Sciences, Volume (5), No (10), Year (2015-10) , Pages (324-340)

Title : ( Philosophy of Teacher Education in Iran )

Authors: aboosaeed davarpanah , Mohamad Reza Ahanchian , Yahya Kazemi ,

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The aim of this inquiry is to study the philosophy of teacher education in Iran.The research method is a theoretical one which was performed with analytical descriptive method.The findings suggest that Teacher education in the house startedand along with population growth on the one hand and the demand for higher education and on the other hand in Maktabkhane as private and in schools as public continues.In the pre Islamic period and also after it teacher education has religious aspects.Moghanyan were the first teach er educated in ancient Iran.Teachers who have been trained in this period have been dealing with the ideas of the Greek philosophers.This interaction has been bilateral .But there was no sign of the influence of certain philosophical schools.Academy established gradually trace of pragmatism in teacher training school of thought was that during the first Pahlavi continued.In the period Teacher education in Iran has been greatly affected of French teacher training system.During the second Pahlavi welcomes the idea of pragmatic reached its peak.In this period Dewey's ideas for improved teacher training welcomed.But during this period no written proof of philosophy, there was no systematic and specific teacher training.After the victory of the Islamic Revolution , several governments in charge of the executive branch were conducted.The study of the evolution of teacher training from the revolution discourse to the discourse of moderation showed that the last of the revolution,tickling of teacher policy makers for optimum system also declined.During this period, like the time before the Islamic Revolution in philosophy in writing, there was no systematic and specific to the system.Check ups and downs of philosophy teacher training in Iran showed thatDam-age to the system because of lack of teacher training was philosophical assumptions.It is hoped that can draw a better future for teacher training with serious attention to its problems .


Philosophy of Education; Teacher; Education;
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