Journal of Vibroengineering, ( ISI ), Volume (17), No (7), Year (2015-11) , Pages (3774-3791)

Title : ( Finite element modeling of a wind turbine blade )

Authors: Mohammad Sheibani , Ali Akbar Akbari ,

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Wind energy is a sustainable source of power that has a much lower environmental impact than conventional energy sources. One of the important stages in developing the modern wind turbines is studying the dynamic behavior of the flexible blades. In this article, a finite element beam model of a 150 kW horizontal axis wind turbine blade is presented. The beam elements of the present model are linear with 14 DOF and arbitrary cross sections that consider rotational velocity, shear center, warping and gyroscopic effects, stiffening due to the rotation, and all the couplings. In the present model, the cross-sectional properties along each lement are variable that decreases number of the needed elements, size of the model and hence the analyses running time. By using the present model, natural frequencies, mode shapes and frequency and transient responses of the blade are extracted. The modal properties are compared with another finite element beam code BModes, and with a shell finite element model of the same blade in ABAQUS. The blade frequency and transient responses in the flap and edge directions under a turbulent wind loading are also compared with ABAQUS. Furthermore, the effects of the rotational speed and pitch angle on the blade modal properties are studied.


, wind turbine blade, finite element, modal analysis, transient response,
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