UPB Scientific Bulletin, Series A, ( ISI ), Volume (78), No (1), Year (2016-1) , Pages (13-24)

Title : ( Weighted semigroup measure algebra as a WAP-algebra )

Authors: Hamid Reza Ebrahimi Vishki , Bahram Khodsiani , Ali Rejali ,

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A Banach algebra A for which the natural embedding of A into WAP(A) is bounded below, is called a WAP-algebra. In this paper we mainly concern to the weighted measure algebra Mb(S,w); where w is a weight on a semitopological semigroup S. We study those conditions under which Mb(S,w) is a WAP-algebra. The question whether Mb(S,w) is a dual Banach algebra is also investigated. We apply our results for improving some older results in the case where S is discrete.


, WAP-algebra, dual Banach algebra, Arens regularity, weak almost
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