15th International Nannoplankton Association , 2015-03-05

Title : ( Nannostratigraphy Of Dalichai Formation in Naviya section of Kopet-Dagh )

Authors: Fatemeh Hadavi , محمدانور محقی ,

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For the first time the Calcareous Nannofossils of the Dalichai Formation have been studied. The Dalichai Formation Comprises well bedded greenish-gary, marly shale, tarry (Bituminus), pyrite with thin layer limestone with power generation of oil and gas(Afshar-Harb, 1979).The Dalichai Formation is overlaid by Lar formation and is underlaid by Kashaf rud Formation. A total number of 110 samples were taken for this study. Nannofossils assemblages were well preserved. In this study, 37 species belonging the , 23 genera and 11 families have been recorded. Previos workers assigned On the base of ammonites to this formation oxfordian-kimmerigian age. based on the first and last occurrence, Calcareous Nannofossil markers the age of Dalichai Formation is Lower Bajocian - Tithonian /Berriasian in the Naviya section corresponding to Nj9- Nj18/ CC1of Bown,1998 biozonation.


, Nannostratigraphy; Dalichai; Naviya; Kopet, Dagh.
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%A Hadavi, Fatemeh
%A محمدانور محقی
%J 15th International Nannoplankton Association
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