Acta Comparanda, Volume (26), No (26), Year (2015-5) , Pages (4-34)

Title : ( Pantheistic Thought in Hindu and Muslim Tradition )

Authors: Fayyaz Gharaei ,

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There are attitudes about unity of being in the religions and philosophical systems and mystical schools. And each of them has its own interpretation through specific terms and words. If we seek for definitions of pantheism, we will find various definitions. Because, there are many different religions and different philosophies. One system defines a pantheist as “one who confounds God with the universe”. Another system is called pantheistic, because it treats God as “first in rank and not in time”... The aim of this article is to explain the pantheistic thought from the view point of Hindu and Muslim tradition with regard to the their important scriptures and their great commentators.


, Pantheism, Hindu,
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