Journal of Civil Engineering and Urbanism, Volume (4), No (1), Year (2014-1) , Pages (28-35)

Title : ( Role of Urban Planning in Decreasing Damages Results of Earthquake in Human Habitats )

Authors: Barat Ali Khakpoor , Masood Davarinezhad , Mohammad reza Mabhoot ,

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Modern cities by reasons some as type of site selection, unsuitable physical development, heed nonentity of necessary standard and etc. always are subjected perils of nature disaster same as Earthquake. One of the most important items in decrease the wastage of earthquake, is the previous readiness of a society for crash to Earthquake, that can use with Planning scheming, cities could be designed and programmed that caused for control and decrease the undesirable finals and were involved the least damage to them. Increase the quantity of values such as slope of the earth, density of population, construction density, building age and distance from open spaces, is cause to decrease the cities vulnerability, that when the earthquake happen term in very short time by reason of unsustainable of elements and urban spaces in front of the earthquake forces and absence the public penchant, physical damages one obtained in different burble in the cities ambiance. These physical damages are caused to creation the convict, financial and work harms relation and so is cause to economic and social damages and hogtie the urban system. Given the fact that of crisis management in urban programming is important, and special for decreasing the content of harms and human casualty are countered by hazard, it can help to decrease the somatic, economic and social losses. Based on the early course of crisis management, decrease the vulnerability of city in front of the earthquake, just by using the construction preface is impossible and must be consider the human behaviors that they are cause to increase or decrease the vulnerability. Nevertheless the aim of this article is appraisal the social vulnerability of human in front of the earthquake and checking the role and station the crisis management and urban programming in decrease the losses due of that.


, Human Habitats, Crisis Management, Earthquake
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