Acta Mathematica Hungarica, ( ISI ), Volume (149), No (1), Year (2016-3) , Pages (160-169)

Title : ( On stability of a functional equation of quadratic type )

Authors: Janusz Brzdek , Eliza Jablonska , Mohammad Sal Moslehian , P. Pacho ,

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We prove some stability results for the equation $$ Af(px\ast ry)+Bf(qx\ast sy)=Cf(x)+Df(y), $$ in the class of functions mapping a groupoid $(X,\ast)$ into a Banach space $Y$, where $p,q,r,s:X\to X$ are endomorphisms of the groupoid, and $A,B,C,D$ are fixed scalars. Particular cases of the equation are the equation of the $p$-Wright affine functions, the additive Cauchy equation, the Jensen equation, the quadratic equation and the general linear equation (in two variables).


, Hyers, Ulam stability\and $p$, Wright convexity\and fixed point\and quadratic equation
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