Cumhuriyet Science Journal, Volume (36), No (6), Year (2015-7) , Pages (387-397)

Title : ( Examining the Effective Factors in Citizen Participation in Management of New Towns )

Authors: Barat Ali Khakpoor , Maliheh Mirzabaki ,

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This article aimed at assessing the factors effective in citizenship participation in management of new towns. A descriptive-analytic method based on desk and field studies was employed here. A statistical population size of 18518 individuals and 5840 families was estimated. Therefore, the statistical population size was determined as 330 individuals using Cochran's formula. Sampling method of the statistical population was based on a random method and SPSS was used for data analysis. Research results indicate that the more citizens’ satisfaction of an urban management is, the more they are willing to participate in management. On the other hand, in case citizens do not have necessary information on the plans and decision-makings of a new urban management, they have no tendency to participate. Meanwhile, most citizens believed that profitability of a participatory activity was effective in their participation and if a reward were considered for their participatory support, they would further participate in the activities of a new town. The studies and observations indicate that participations’ education level in Sahand New Town is considered as the factors effective in citizens’ participation rate in management structure of a new town. A direct relationship was proved between education level and citizens’ participation in an urban management. Meanwhile, the stronger the economic base of individuals is, the more they participate in an urban management, vice versa. Employment centers for citizens make people assume further responsibility and they enhance citizens’ sense of belonging.


, Participation, new town, urban management, citizen
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