American Journal of Scientific Research, ( ISI ), Volume (1), No (88), Year (2013-5) , Pages (116-124)

Title : ( Perspectives of ICT Geography of Regional IRAN: Obstacles and Advantages )

Authors: Barat Ali Khakpoor , ALIREZA BIDKHORI , Amirali Kharazmi ,

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The main objective of this paper is to study the role of ICT and e-learning in rural development of Iran. One of the main subjects in this field is creating and developing rural electronic communities, that has been focused in many developed and under developing countries in recent years. Of course, implementing electronic community in rural regions has encountered many problems such as rural people, not having enough knowledge and skills about ICT, and loss of appropriate communications lines. Meanwhile, the roles of government and NGOs are important. On the other hand, the outputs of electronic government, electronic learning, electronic business and electronic health services are unique advantages of this technology which can not be denied. So, in this chapter it is tried to present a comprehensive analysis about the problems, solutions and done activities of each of these cases in Iran and to suggest useful communications infrastructures focused on Iran’s conditions for sustainable rural development by using the role of ICT in e-learning and also the role of government in creating rural electronic communities as infrastructures for e-learning.


, Rural Electronic Community, e-learning Infrastructures, Rural ICTs, Regional Iran, Rural Development.
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