Iranian Journal of Public Health, ( ISI ), Volume (39), No (2), Year (2010-5) , Pages (89-94)

Title : ( Overall, and Specific Life Satisfaction Domains: Preliminary Iranian Students Norms )

Authors: Mehrdad Mazaheri ,

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Background: The WHOQOL-BREF is one of the best-known instruments that have been developed for cross-cultural comparisons of quality of life and currently it is available in more than 40 languages. Current study was done to provide: (1) the psychometrics properties of the Iranian version of WHOQOL-BREF and (2) the norm scores for satisfaction with life overall and satisfaction with specific Life domains of Iranian students. Methods: A sample of 1000 Iranian undergraduate students, (Males= 490 and Females= 510) were pooled using multi-stage random method and asked to complete the Iranian version of the WHOQOL-BREF. Results: The results of current study indicated that a good internal consistency ( = 0.89) for WHOQOL-BREF (26 items) as well as four domain ratings. Our findings also showed no floor or ceiling effect for the 4 domains as well overall QOL and general health facets. Moreover, General norms for the satisfaction with life overall, general health and satisfaction with specific life domains (physical health, psychological well-being, social relationships, and environmental support) were obtained using WHOQOL-BREF. Conclusion: The Iranian version of WHOQOL-BREF was deemed reliable in assessing the quality of life of a student population in Iran. Our results of calculating and presenting norm scores for satisfaction ratings can be used as preliminary Iranian students’ norms for those researchers who are interested in measuring and interpreting satisfaction ratings using WHOQOL-BREF.


, WHOQOL-BREF, Overall life satisfaction, Health, Psychological well-being, Social relationships, Environmental support, Iran
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