ISERC 2016 Conference , 2016-05-21

Title : ( : Operating room scheduling under hybrid demand )

Authors: Babak Rezaee Khabooshan , Amirreza Shojaeifard , Hamed Yarmand ,

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In this paper we present a novel model for the elective surgery scheduling problem for multiple operating rooms (ORs). The aim is to improve the efficiency of ORs with the intent of maximizing the profit (considering revenue and cost of surgeries including fixed cost and overtime cost). We develop an integer linear programming model for this scheduling problem. The developed model is a four dimensional assignment problem that determines the weekly schedule (day, surgeon, operating room, and type of surgery) considering three types of surgery demands simultaneously. It also considers surgeons’ availabilities for performing surgeries. Therefore, the generated schedule is the most cost-effective way of utilizing ORs to meet the demand and satisfy the surgeons’ availabilities. The performance of the schedule generated by the model is tested with real data in a case study for a Fertility and Infertility Center. The results show a significant improvement in efficiency of ORs’ utilization.


, Operating room scheduling, hybrid demand, elective surgery, integer linear programming
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