Buletin Teknologi Tanaman, Volume (12), No (8), Year (2015-11) , Pages (107-110)

Title : ( Surveying the Modern and Islamic Methodology of Psychology )

Authors: Mohsen Shahabi , Hamidreza Aghamohammadian Sharbaf ,

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Today, psychology considered as one of the empirical science and its findings are based on experience like the other empirical science. Therefore, it is considered experimental, whether its method is as an experimental or quasi-experimental 0r the correlation -descriptive method. The usual tools of the experiment is observation and like it, and the fields of its research is sometimes laboratory, sometimes science and sometimes field or describing. there are also limitations on this science, Including that establishment of its work placed exclusively on the use of empirical findings, even as far as it cannot rely on both the philosophical and cultural assumptions, And also do not care to metaphysics; but in Islamic Psychology investigations is used of rational arguments which its organized shape call Philosophy, analysis of religious texts from the Quran and Sunnah (traditional), history, intuition, revelation, mysticism and true vision, sensory and non-sensory experience.


, Modern Psychology, Islamic psychology, methodology.
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