International Journal of Phytoremediation, Volume (18), No (4), Year (2015-11) , Pages (387-392)

Title : ( Phytoremediation of lead-contaminated soil bySinapis arvensisandRapistrum rugosum )

Authors: Abolghasem Saghii , M0hammad Hassan Rashed Mohassel , Mahdi Parsa , Hossein Hammami ,

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Nowadays, public concern relating to ecological deleterious effects of heavy metals is on the rise. To evaluate the potential ofRapistrum rugosumandSinapis arvensisin lead- contaminate phytoremediate, a pot culture experiment was conducted. The pots werefilled by soil treated with different rates of leadoxide (PbO) including 0 (control), 100, 200, 300, 400, and 500 mg Pb per 1 kg soil. Germinated seeds were sown. Surprisingly, with increasing concentration of Pb, dry weight ofR. rugosumandS. arvensisdid not decrease significantly. In both of species, the concentration of Pb was higher in roots than shoots. In general,S.arvensiswas absorbed more Pb compared toR. rugosum. The results revealed high potential of R. rugosumandS. arvensisin withdrawing Pb from contaminated soil. For both species, a positive linear relation was observed between Pb concentration in soil and roots. However, linear relationship was not observed between Pb concentration in the soil and shoots. Although both species test had low ability in translocation Pb from roots to shoots but they showed high ability in uptake soil Pb by roots. Apparently, these plants are proper species for using in phytoremediation technology


, Rapistrum rugosum, Sinapis arvensis, Heavy metals, Lead, Phytoremediation technology
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