Today Science Journal of Humanity, Volume (2), No (1), Year (2014-1) , Pages (30-37)

Title : ( The Role Of Tourism Management in Regional Sustainable Development (Case study: City Khorram Abad) )

Authors: Hamdollah Sojasi Qeidari , Ahmad Romyani ,

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Today tourism as one of the most dynamic economical activities that its development plays an important role in sustainable development. withFocuses on sustainable development can resulted that at this industry through the combined and use of both internal and external resources, social resources, economical, environmental and cultural which carries in the macro scale Tourism management at the national level of the duties and responsibilities of the government policies which The general policy, regulations, administrative arrangements, financial resources and the share of each general and private state is characterized by government. This problem in our country of Iran which there are have historical context also tourist attractions is more important. And can increase investments in small and rural and urban areas, Entrepreneurship, an area of tourism development, recognizing the historical attractions, natural, religious and cause the better serve for the citizens. Therefore, in our country in a decade due to the regions and tourist attractions The province with the goal of regional development has been considered . The purpose of this article, review management's role in the development of regional tourism is the city of Khorramabadto make way for tourism development in the region. Method used in this research is descriptive – analytical And using the library Studies and field studies have been done in the range studied.Method for collecting data and information such as direct observation And interviews with city officials and people has been used.Results of these studies show that the management of tourism,While creating jobs and income for different groups of society Can expand the facilities and infrastructure, expansion of investment,Development and improvement of urban and rural transport, regeneration and protection of historic attractions,, Construction of residential facilities for the tourists and finally led to the development of the city.


, historical tourism, the area of sustainable development, management, Khorram Abad city
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