Energy and Buildings, ( ISI ), Volume (1), No (124), Year (2016-7) , Pages (129-140)

Title : ( Exergy analysis of two humidification process methods inair-conditioning systems )

Authors: Mohsen Ghazikhani , Iman Khazaee , saeed vahidifar ,

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Exergy analysis is a technique for systems and processes that can be used to evaluate the distribution ofavailability losses in a system, so that measures and priorities with improvement potential can be devel-oped. This article investigates the difference between the amount of exergy consumption and exergy loss(irreversibility) in the two methods of humidification, namely Constant Enthalpy Humidification (CEH)and Constant Temperature Humidification (CTH) in a Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC)system. In this work a 15 × 9 × 3 m room with a 10000 cfm Air Handling Unit (AHU), and a 30 and 25 mof supply-and-return duct (30–25, respectively) are considered to investigate the exergy consumptionsand irreversibilities of the components in the two humidification methods. The results show that thesummation of irreversibilities in CEH is less than the CTH. In addition the power input of CEH in designcondition is 12% less than the CTH, mostly due to large exergy consumption of the steam preparation inthe humidification process. It can be concluded that CEH has superiority over the CTH due to less exergyconsumption in the HVAC systems.


Exergy analysis Irreversibility Air conditioning Humidification
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