The first Regional Conference on Cow Comfort and Lameness , 2016-05-10

Title : ( Sole ulcer occurrence cure rate in a dairy herd )

Authors: Ahmad Raza Mohamadnia ,

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This 12 month current study were done in a dairy herd consisting of 1340 productive cows (Milking and dry cows) started March 2013- February 2014. Cows housed in loose stalls, milk three times a day. And receive total mixed ratio. The average milk production of the cows during this period recorded as 39.2 lit/day. Hoof care programs including regular hoof trimming by skilled hoof trimmers was done as the cows at least trimmed two times a year and total of 3.45 times including different inspections and treatments referred to hoof trimming chute during the year. Data of days in milk (DIM), milk production and parity recorded in all cows in addition to the records of the digital disorders. Data recorded on a zonal basis (1-12) of the digits and any wounds in zone 4 recorded as sole ulcer and included in this current study. All wounded cows inspected on a 15 days basis and covering of the lesion with a film of horny tissue considered as cured wound. New cases selected based on new lesions at least 3 month after curing of the previous lesion or occurrence in another digit or zone. Total of 57 sole ulcers were detected. Most ulcers occurred in hind feet (51, 89.47%) and just 6 ulcers (10.52%) occurred in forelimbs. Twenty three ulcers in right hindlimb (40.35) and twenty ulcer occurred in left hindlimb (35.08%). In twelve cows (21%) sole ulcer detected in two digits. Sole ulcers cured in 88.39 ± 59.98 days, started from 15 days to 364 days after its occurrence. Although the ulcers cured longer when the cow affected in DIM less than 100 (87.33 ± 46.23) than higher DIM (79.21 ± 65.93) but the difference was not significant (P<0.05). Cows with milk production less than 30 lit /day and higher production didn’t show significant changes in duration of treatment (P>0.05). Cows with low body condition scores (less than 3.2) were treated faster (70.2 ± 45.52) than cows with higher body condition scores (more than 3.2, 84.58 ± 50.07)(P>0.05). It seems that DIM, milk production and BCS at the time of sole ulcer occurrence does not affect duration of treatment.


, Cow, Culling, Sole Ulcer, Heat Stress
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