Journal of Language Teaching and Research, Volume (6), No (3), Year (2015-5) , Pages (695-703)

Title : ( Brain Dominance and Test Format: A Case of Vocabulary )

Authors: Zahra Kordjazi , Behzad Ghonsooly ,

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This research was conducted to investigate the relationship between brain dominance and test format. This relationship was taken into consideration to see whether examinees' hemispheric preferences affect their performance on different vocabulary test formats or not. The research data were collected from a sample of 53 Iranian language learners using the Style of Learning and Thinking (SOLAT) questionnaire, which is a tool that measures the inclination toward the right-, integrated-, and left thinking. The researchers also collected data on students' performance on eighty vocabulary test items with different formats including multiple-choice synonyms, multiple-choice antonyms, word-for-word translation, and picture identification. Statistical analyses revealed that brain dominance is a factor which affects students' performance when taking different vocabulary test items. Right-thinking test-takers outperformed integrated and left-thinking testtakers on the picture identification test. Left-thinking test-takers, on the other hand, outperformed the other respondents on multiple-choice synonyms, multiple-choice antonyms, and word-for-word translation.


, brain dominance, test format, multiple-choice test, translation test, picture identification test
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