Computers & Structures, ( ISI ), Volume (168), No (1), Year (2016-6) , Pages (78-91)

Title : ( Mixing dynamic relaxation method with load factor and displacement increments )

Authors: Mohaamad Rezaiee Pajand , Hossein Estiri ,

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Dynamic Relaxation (DR) method is an explicit iterative technique suitable for nonlinear structural analysis. In this method, the static equilibrium equations are converted to a fictitious dynamic system. In general, DR iterations are unstable. Nevertheless, the fictitious parameters, such as the diagonal mass and damping matrices as well as the time steps are determined so that the stability conditions are satisfied. If the mass and damping matrices are selected properly, the structural responses converge to the accurate static solutions. Nonlinear behavior of structures includes various characteristics, such as the existence of load limit points; displacement limit points, buckling points, post-buckling region and bifurcation points. All of these valuable features are demonstrated by the equilibrium path, and most of the DR procedures cannot completely trace it. To overcome this weakness, a new variable load factor is presented by minimizing the unbalanced displacement. In the second suggested algorithm, the load factor idetermined based on the parts of the structural equilibrium path placed between two limit points. In order to prove the capability of the proposed strategies, several 3D trusses and 2D frames, with geometrical nonlinear behavior, are analyzed. The numerical results indicate that the proposed approach can trace the complex structural equilibrium path.


, Variable load factor, Dynamic relaxation method, Equilibrium path, Displacement increment, Geometrical nonlinear behavior
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