Journal of Modern Optics, Volume (63), No (15), Year (2016-8) , Pages (1473-1479)

Title : ( Optical chiral metamaterial based on the resonant behaviour of nanodiscs )

Authors: mahdi kordi , Mir Mojtaba Mirsalehi ,

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Circular dichorism and optical activity have been achieved by chiral metamaterials in the optical spectrum, but for the case of negative index of refraction, remarkable achievements have not been obtained in this region so far. We employ nanoparticles to shift the resonant frequency of a chiral metamaterial based on twisted cross wires to optical domain. Our proposed structure provides giant optical activity, strong circular dichorism and also negative refractive index in the optical wavelengths. Optical activity in our structure has a rotary power similar to a gyrotropic crystal of quartz, but in a thickness which is four orders of magnitude smaller. The foundation of our method for realizing such an optical chiral metamaterial is based on creating a different coupling between longitudinal modes of localized surface plasmons for right and left circularly polarized incident waves.


, optical chiral metamaterial, resonant frequency of nanoparticle, optical activity, circular dichorism
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