International Journal of Humanities and Cultural Studies, Volume (3), No (1), Year (2016-5) , Pages (1109-1119)

Title : ( Stability and Change in Worshiping Provisions )

Authors: mohammad adnani , Hossein Saberi , Mohammad Taghi Fakhlaei ,

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One of the main topics about way of adaption of the Sharia’s law to change of human life is that change happens in which arena of Islamic jurisprudence. If we know change specified to the transactions part, it means that we have assumed religious worship as the fixed part of the law. While the reality shows otherwise and several cases of change in the field of worship are available to enumerate in legal books. In this study, addition to the legal meaning of worship and assumptions for its stability, will also take a look to the mechanisms of these changes, in order to show that changing statements is also possible in arena of worship. Hence the religious title of an act cannot be as a factor for considering about its stability or variability. But what is important is compatibility or incompatibility of it with Islamic religion goals and interests of the community, which can be an important factor for the separation of variables from constants of law.


, Worship, Stability, Change, Constant, Devotion.
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