24th Iranian Seminar of Organic Chemistry , 2016-08-24

Title : ( Carbon coated Cu nanostructures as a green nanocatalyst for Suzuki crosscoupling reaction )

Authors: Kamran Lamei , Hossein Eshghi ,

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The Suzuki-Miyaura cross-coupling reaction of Arylboronic acid with Aryl halides (Csp2- X) has become a popular tool for selective construction of carbon-carbon bonds and mainstay of modern synthetic organic chemistry for the preparation of biaryl compounds1.The use of copper-based alternatives in the cross-coupling reactions are taken into consideration, due to their orders of magnitude lower cost and harmfulness to the environment than other noble metals. Surprisingly, only a few copper-catalysed Suzuki cross-coupling procedures exist2,3.In this work a new copper based catalytic system in Suzuki cross-coupling reaction was developed. For this purpose carbon stabilized well dispersed copper nanowires were synthesized as ligand free and inexpensive heterogeneous nanocatalyst. In fact,our aim has been to investigate application of the efficient, inexpensive, and ligand free copper based catalytic system with high activity for Suzuki cross-coupling reaction with minimum byproducts in green media for first time. Soft hydrothermal/solvothermal reduction method under mild aqueous conditions have been exploited to fabricate copper nanowires/nanoparticles. To prevent aggregation of metal nanoparticles, a thick carbon layer coating was performed via hydrothermal method. This green nontoxic catalytic system reused at least 4 time in Suzuki reaction without significant loss of catalytic activity. Figure 1.Schematic pathway for Cu/C NWs catalyzed Suzuki reaction. References [1] A. Suzuki, Chem. Commun.38,2005, 4759-4763. [2] M. J. Jin, D. H. Lee, Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. Engl.49,2010, 1119-1122. [3] S. Gu, J. Huang, X. Liu, H. Liu, Y. Zhou, W. Xu, Inorg. Chem. Commun.21,2012, 168-172.


, Suzuki-Miyaura cross-coupling reaction , Arylboronic acid, Aryl halides, selective construction of carbon-carbon
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%0 Conference Proceedings
%T Carbon coated Cu nanostructures as a green nanocatalyst for Suzuki crosscoupling reaction
%A Lamei, Kamran
%A Eshghi, Hossein
%J 24th Iranian Seminar of Organic Chemistry
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