International Journal for Quality Research, Volume (10), No (3), Year (2016-11) , Pages (457-470)

Title : ( ?Why Fuzzy Quality )

Authors: Abbas Parchami , Bahram Sadeghpour Gildeh , Mashaallah Mashinchi ,

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Such as other statistical problems, we may confront with uncertain and fuzzy concepts in quality control. One particular case in process capability analysis is a situation in which specification limits are two fuzzy sets. In such a uncertain and vague environment, the produced product is not qualified with a two-valued Boolean view, but to some degreedepending on the decision-maker strictness and the quality level of the produced product. This matter can be cause to a rational decision-making on the quality of the production line. First, a comprehensive approach is presented in this paper for modeling the fuzzy quality concept. Then, motivations and advantages of applying this flexible approach instead of using classical quality are mentioned.


, fuzzy quality, process capability index, quality control chart, manufacturing process
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