Journal of Applied Analysis, Volume (2016), No (2016), Year (2016-11) , Pages (1-1)

Title : ( Iteration regularized semigroups of set-valued functions )

Authors: Masood Mosallanezhad , Mohammad Janfada ,

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In this paper, a set-valued iteration regularized semigroup, i.e. a family $\{F^t\}_{t\geq0}$ of set-valued functions for which $$F^{s+t} \circ C=F^s \circ F^t,\ \ F^0=C \ \ \ s,t\geq0 $$ \\ will be considered where $C$ is a set-valued function on a closed convex cone in a Banach space. Under some appropriate conditions the generator of a set-valued regularized concave semigroup is introduced and some of its properties are investigated. Also differentiability of the iteration family $\{C\circ F^t\}_{t\geq 0}$ is discussed


, Iteration semigroups, iteration C-semigroups, concave iteration
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