Journal of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, Volume (55), No (1), Year (2017-1) , Pages (331-341)

Title : ( Numerical creep analysis of FGM rotating disc with GDQ method )

Authors: Hodais Zharfi , Hamid Ekhteraei Toussi ,

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Rotating discs are the vital part of many kinds of machineries. Usually they are operating at relatively high angular velocity and temperature conditions. Accordingly, in practice, the creep analysis is an essential necessity in the study of rotating discs. In this paper, the time dependent creep analysis of a thin FGM rotating disc investigated using GDQ method. Creep described with Sherby's constitutive model. Secondary creep governing equations are derived and solved for a disc with two various boundary conditions and with linear distribution of SiC particles in pure Aluminum matrix. Since the creep rates are function of stresses, time and temperature, there is not a closed form solution for these equations. Using a solution algorithm and GDQ method, a solution procedure for these nonlinear equations is presented. Results comparison with other exist creep studies in literature reveals the robustness, precision and high efficiency beside rapid convergence of present approach.


, creep, FGM, GDQ method, rotating disc, boundary conditions
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