Cellular and Molecular Biology, Volume (62), No (5), Year (2016-1) , Pages (31-37)

Title : ( Hypoxia and laser enhance expression of SDF-1 in muscles cells )

Authors: mahdi mirahmadi , Naghmeh Ahmadiankia , Hojjat Naderi Meshkin , Asieh Heirani Tabasi , Hamid reza Bidkhori , - - , Ahmad Reza Bahrami ,

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Targeted horning of transplanted mesenchymal stein cells (MSCs) is a decades old discussion in regenerative medicine. It has been proved that stromal cell-derived factor-1 (SDF-1 alpha) is a potent chemoattractant of MSCs. Therefore, different strategies have been used to increase secretion of SDF-1 alpha in damaged tissues to elevate targeted homing of MSC s. Previous studies have revealed that increased SDF-1 alpha expression in hypoxic necrotic tissues and also low-level laser exposure enhanced angiogenesis in injured tissues. Herein, human skeletal and cardiac muscle cells (IISKM and IICM) were treated with hypoxia and low level laser to see their effects on expression of SDF-1 alpha and on MSCs migration towards these treated cells. The optimal treatment conditions were determined by investigating the cellular viability after treatment. Real-Tune PCR and Western blot analysis were done to study the expression of Stir-1 alpha in treated cells. Migration potential of MSC's toward hypoxic and laser treated cells was investigated via migration assay. MIT assay revealed that laser and hypoxia treatment had no effect on the viability of HCM, HSKM compared with Glioblastoma cells. Real-Tune PCR showed 16- and 90-fold elevation in rnRNA of SDF-1 alpha in HSKM and HCM cells, respectively, in laser treated with 12 J/cm(2) intensity. In these two groups, selected as optimal conditions. HIF-1 alpha expression showed maximum fold changes that might he partly because of response to treatments help to SDF-1 alpha expression. It can be concluded that hypoxia and laser treatments may recruit MSCs and applied as a useful strategy for the further targeted stern cell horning.


, Targeted Homing; hypoxia; Laser; SDF, 1 alpha; Muscle cells; Mesenchymal stem cells
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