Annals of Applied Sport Science, Volume (4), No (3), Year (2017-4) , Pages (17-25)

Title : ( The Role played by socio-cultural factors in sport consumer behavior )

Authors: , Zahra Sadat Mirzazadeh , ابراهیم علیدوست قهفرخی ,

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One of the common featuresof all people, ergardless of, education level, income level, living location, and so on, is that all of us are consumer. The key to successfully marketing strategy, both in terms of local and global aspects is to understand the consumer behavior. Therefore, the aim of this study was to Idenifiy and pirority factors affecting sports consumer behavior in Iran. This is a descriptive survey. The population of this study is the entire faculty member of sports management in Iran universities. Samples were selected randomly. Based on stathistical PASS software the amounts of sample were determined 84 to 154. Data collection tools was a researcher made questionnaire which includeing 38 items. Content validity and construct validity were calculated for questionnaire. In order to analyze the data were used Structural Equation Modeling and analytical hierarchy of process (AHP). The results show that factors of marketing mix have positive and significant impact on sports consumer behavior. Also the results of ranking of the markting mix factors show that, product is the most important factor by 0.281 relative weights, and after this factor was ranked quality of services (0.221), price (0.175), distribution channels (0.108), promotion (0.108), and brand personality (0.108) respectively. This study determined, companies have to highly pay attention to consumer and covering their demands (better than competitors) to abtain a high competitive Advantage. On the other hand, consumer have different approaches to buy products that most be noticed in programming markting strategies.


, Socio, Cultural Factors, Consumer Behavior, sport
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