Discussiones Mathematicae Graph Theory, Volume (38), No (1), Year (2018-1) , Pages (27-37)

Title : ( A characterization for 2-self-centered graphs )

Authors: Mohammad Hadi Shekarriz , K. Mirzavaziri , Madjid Mirzavaziri ,

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A Graph is called 2-self-centered if its diameter and radius both equal to 2. In this paper, we begin characterizing these graphs by characterizing edge-maximal 2-self-centered graphs via their complements. Then we split characterizing edge-minimal 2-self-centered graphs into two cases. First, we characterize edge-minimal 2-self-centered graphs without triangles by intro- ducing specialized bi-independent covering (SBIC) and a structure named generalized complete bipartite graph (GCBG). Then, we complete charac- terization by characterizing edge-minimal 2-self-centered graphs with some triangles. Hence, the main characterization is done since a graph is 2-self-centered if and only if it is a spanning subgraph of some edge-maximal 2-self-centered graphs and, at the same time, it is a spanning supergraph of some edge-minimal 2-self-centered graphs.


, self-centered graphs, specialized bi-independent covering (SBIC), generalized complete bipartite graphs (GCB).
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