International Center of Academic Communication (ICOAC) , 2014-12-11

Title : ( Design prototype using Fuzzy QFD )

Authors: Ahmad Tavakkoli , Zahra Naji Azimi , monireh ahmadi manesh ,

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Engineering characteristics are considered as main effective factor on product trend in quality and design improvement.Therefore so according to importance of each characteristic, some prototype could be designed and also go to decision field for mass production of them. Their QFD and House of Quality will be used as powerful implement in quality and designing product. In this article we have used QFD for design prototype. Besides these tools to address uncertainty in QFD, fuzzy set theory is used. In this context, them in ing result sare used to verify the results of the ?-cut to be more accurate. In this context Lama electronic company (one of the pieces-Car maker sare) has been used to track Pride sensor technology.


, Quality Function Deployment, design prototype, ?-cut
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