International Journal of Cancer Management, Volume (In Press), No (2), Year (2017-2) , Pages (1-7)

Title : ( Investigation of Stigma Phenomenon in Cancer: A Grounded Theory Study )

Authors: sahar mohabbat bahar , Imanollah Bigdeli , Ali Mashhadi , Mohammad Moradi-Joo ,

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Background: Adjustment to cancer as a stressful event is affected by bio-psycho-social factors. Objectives: This study aimed to investigate stigma phenomenon, the process of formation, and its impact on cancer patients and their families. Methods: This research was conducted based on the grounded theory study. Semi-structured interview was used with 12 cancer patients (7 women and 5 men), one of the immediate family members (spouse, parent or sibling) and 8 oncology staff members. Participants were selected in a purposeful non-probability sampling method and data analysis was performed in three steps: open coding, axial coding and selective coding. Results: Four conceptual categories with sub-categories were emerged through three-step analysis of the grounded theory study: social stigma, self-stigma, coping strategies and acceptance as a main concept. Results showed gradual process of stigma formation to cancer and its different dimensions. Conclusions: Comprehensive assessment of stigma through various information sources may provide a deep understanding of this phenomenon in social context. The results of this study may lead to development of effective therapeutic protocols for promotion of community awareness, and improvement of mental health levels in patients and their families by eliminating all dimensions of this phenomenon in the context of society.


, Keywords: Stigma, Cancer, Grounded Theory, Qualitative Study
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