Journal of Ornamental plants, Volume (7), No (1), Year (2017-3) , Pages (53-61)

Title : ( Energy conservation potential of an extensive green roof in Iran for one year duration )

Authors: Navid Vahdati Mashhadian , Ali Tehranifar , Fatemeh Kazemi ,

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The temperature of cities continues to increase because of the heat island phenomenon and the undeniable climatic change. The observed high ambient temperatures intensify energy problems in cities, deteriorates comfort conditions, put in danger the vulnerable population and amplify the pollution problems. There are some suggested ways to reduce these issues, among them vegetated roofs are shown to be promising. This study describes energy consumption performance of an extensive modular type green roof with different plant selections using a randomized complete design in Mashhad, Iran. Nine species from three major taxonomic and functional plant groups (grasses, ground covers and sedums) namely (Agropyron cristatum, Festuca aurundinacea, Festuca ovina, Potentilla sp., Frankenia thymifolia, Vinca minor, Sedum acre, Sedum spectabile, Carpoboratus edulis) were selected. Temperature fluctuations during four seasons were recorded with three replicates. Experimental trials with growing beds without plants (bare roofs)were also used as controls. Small hand manual thermometers were placed in each module (box) and air temperature was also recorded. The results showed very significant temperature differences between the green and bare roof modules. Larger plants with higher biomasses kept temperatures more stable. Thermal comfort and energy saving was achieved using green roofs in this research and it could be well used in a large scale for growing cities and population energy requirements.


, Green roof, Plant variation, Season, Temperature fluctuation, Thermal performance
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