Astrophysical Journal, ( ISI ), Volume (839), No (2), Year (2017-4) , Pages (75-14)

Title : ( Post-Newtonian Jeans Analysis )

Authors: Elham Nazari , Ali Kazemi , Mahmood Roshan , Shahram Abbassi ,

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The Jeans analysis is studied in the first post-Newtonian limit. In other words, the relativistic effects on local gravitational instability are considered for systems whose characteristic velocities and corresponding gravitational fields are higher than those permitted in the Newtonian limit. The dispersion relation for the propagation of small perturbations is found in the post-Newtonian approximation using two different techniques. A new Jeans mass is derived and compared to the standard Jeans mass. In this limit, the relativistic effects make the new Jeans mass smaller than the Newtonian Jeans mass. Furthermore, the fractional difference between these two masses increases when the temperature/pressure of the system increases. Interestingly, in this limit, pressure can enhance gravitational instability instead of preventing it. Finally, the results are applied to high-temperature astrophysical systems, and the possibility of local fragmentation in some relativistic systems is investigated.


gravitation – hydrodynamics – instabilities
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