Radiation Physics and Chemistry, ( ISI ), Volume (132), No (5), Year (2017-3) , Pages (13-15)

Title : ( Digital neutron-gamma discrimination with scintillators: An innovative approach )

Authors: S. Jamili , E. Bayat , Nima Ghal-Eh ,

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In this paper, a digital neutron–gamma discrimination (DNGD) method with an NE213 scintillator has been proposed in which the anode pulse is divided into two different pulses, one representing the amplitude and the other characterizes the DNGD. Then the two pulses are summed up after travelling through delay and mixer circuits to form an input pulse for sampling in analog–to–digital converter (ADC). The discrimination tests have been performed with an 8–bit digital storage oscilloscope (DSO) as ADC and 241Am–Be neutron source, whereas the Fourier method has been used to derive the discrimination characteristic. The results confirm the fast performance and efficiency of proposed method.


, Neutron, gamma discrimination; Neutron; Gamma; Analog, to, digital convertor; Digital storage oscilloscope; Americium, beryllium neutron source
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