Bulletin of Engineering Geology and the Environment, ( ISI ), Volume (78), No (1), Year (2017-4) , Pages (605-616)

Title : ( Experimental and laboratory assessment of clogging potential based on adhesion )

Authors: Amir Khabbazi , Mohammad Ghafoori , Sadegh Tarigh Azali , Akbar Cheshomi ,

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Mechanized tunneling through clayey formations is threatened to encounter the clogging problem. Adhesion stress as the tendency between clay and a metal surface leads to clogging between TBM and excavated materials. Some empirical clogging classification charts were prepared based on experienced clogging problems. Moreover, experimental attempts have been made to evaluate clogging potential. The relation between available empirical charts with laboratory measurements has not been fully defined. This research is conducted to clarify the relationship between measured adhesion values and to propose empirical charts to support laboratory assessment method. In this regard, 35 clayey soil samples (assumed having different levels of clogging potential) were selected using the main existing empirical evaluation charts. The clayey soil samples were tested at two different consistency indexes using piston pullout test, as a highly qualified adhesion assessment tool. The performance of available classifications was examined by laboratory test results. For this purpose, distribution of the measured adhesion values and levels of clogging potential at classification charts were compared. Among the examined classification charts one of them showed a high match with adhesion values. Using the resulted relationship, a new experimental method was proposed to evaluate clogging potential using laboratory data.


, Clogging, Adhesion, Tunneling, Clayey soils
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