Wireless Personal Communications, ( ISI ), Volume (96), No (2), Year (2017-6) , Pages (2539-2561)

Title : ( Multiple Criteria Relay Selection Scheme in Cooperative Communication Networks )

Authors: B. Razeghi , Ghosheh Abed Hodtani , T. Nikzad ,

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This paper considers a wireless cooperative network with a base station (central unit) and many subscribers (users) in which the subscribers have the ability to relay information for each other to improve the overall network performance. In future wireless communication networks where subscribers are intellectual and pursue various objectives, they will not help relay information for others. This means that the viability of cooperative communication networks largely depends on the willingness of users to help. The reputation based schemes solved this problem by stimulating the users to cooperate with others. Besides, the average achievable rate at the destination node in a relay based network highly depends on the relay node location. Therefore, for a relay selection scheme, the choices of relay location, and the reputation of each user as well as signal-to-noise ratio, which is the main criterion for relay selection schemes, are important selection parameters. This paper proposes a novel multiple criteria relay selection scheme with a low implementation complexity. The proposed scheme incorporates reputation, SNR and location of the users in a highest-level design that not only selects the best relay node for each source-destination pair, but also assigns weight efficiently for each criterion. A simple and efficient optimization tool based on multiple criteria decision making method (MCDM) is employed to solve our formulatedproblem. In addition, a novel information theoretic measure, which effectively measures dissimilarity between candidate relay nodes and ideal solutions, is also investigated. Since the proposed scheme determines the potential relay nodes in order of their superiority based on the predetermined criteria, it can be utilized in multiple relay selection schemes in wireless relay networks and also in the indirect reciprocity game methods. Finally, the numerical results are provided to illustrate the comparisons between different typical experiments. To best of our knowledge, no prior work has studied the process of relay selection from this point of view.


, Relay selection , cooperative communication, multiple criteria, decision making , entropy,
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