World Applied Sciences Journal, ( ISI ), Volume (27), No (9), Year (2013-9) , Pages (1134-1145)

Title : ( Examination of the Relationships among Organizational Trust, Organizational Learning and Entrepreneurship in SMEs )

Authors: S. Kh.Moghadam , Mohammad Ebrahim Zavari , Gh.Enayati , M. Taheri Lari ,

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Several salient issues have encouraged the researchers to conduct the present study. First, a direct and positive relationship between Entrepreneurship and social-economic development has been conformed in many studies and entrepreneurship has been called as the engine of economic development. Second, in today’s organizations, knowledge has been considered as the most vital organizational asset and organizational learning is the most fundamental way of initiating knowledge-based activities. Third, organizational trust is viewed as the “air” and it becomes the focal of attention only when it isn’t there. An organization without the atmosphere of trust is heading toward destruction. And finally although more and more organizations and planners are paying considerable attention to organizational trust, organizational learning and entrepreneurship in their managerial endeavors there hasn’t been a notable study addressing the effects of these three important factors in social-economic development simultaneously. The purpose of this study was to find the relationships among these three phenomena which was conducted in small enterprises in Mashhad and Nishabour. Methodology: From methodological perspective the study is a correlation study and statistical population and sample were from staff and managers (supervisors and middle-level managers) of some small enterprises in Mashhad and Nishabour, using Morgan Table and Formula sampling on ninety people were selected. Findings: in this study positive and meaningful relationships among all three main hypotheses was confirmed. Also, the same relationship was confirmed among organizational confidence (horizontal, vertical and institutional trust), organizational learning and entrepreneurship. There was a positive and meaningful relationship between each of five dimensions of organizational learning (common perspective, organizational culture work and group learning and systemic thought and participative leadership) and entrepreneurship. Conclusion: considering confirmation of the research main hypothesis, it would be logical to expect that higher organizational trust increases organizational learning and entrepreneurship. Also with the existence of positive and meaningful relationship between organizational learning and entrepreneurship it is logical to expect that organizations will have no entrepreneurial staff if they disregard organizational learning.


, Organizational trust, Organizational learning, Entrepreneurship, (SMEs) small and middle enterprises
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