Colloquium Mathematicum, ( ISI ), Volume (154), No (1), Year (2018-7) , Pages (97-105)

Title : ( Norm continuity of qusi-continuous mappings into Cp(Y) )

Authors: L. Hola , Seyyed Alireza Kamel Mirmostafaee ,

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Abstract. We use a topological game argument to show that, under some restrictions on a topological space X, every quasicontinuous mapping ' : X ! Cp(Y ) is norm continuous at points of a dense G subset of X provided that Y is totally countably compact. We improve some old results on joint continuity of separately continuous functions from the paper J. Saint-Raymond, Jeux topologiques et espaces de Namioka, Proc. Amer. Math. Soc. 87 (1983), 499-504. 1.


, pointwise continuity, quasicontinuous function, totally countably compact space, topological games.
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%A L. Hola
%A Kamel Mirmostafaee, Seyyed Alireza
%J Colloquium Mathematicum
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