IEEE Photonics Technology Letters, ( ISI ), Volume (30), No (5), Year (2018-3) , Pages (427-430)

Title : ( Optofluidic Tunable Dielectric Lens for Surface Plasmon Modes )

Authors: Fahimeh Armin , Mehrdad Shokooh-Saremi , Mir Mojtaba Mirsalehi ,

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In nanophotonics, dielectric lenses are used for in-plane focusing of surface plasmon modes, but there is no control over the diffracted fields and focal length of the lens after it has been fabricated. We introduce a conceptual dielectric lens structure which uses optofluidics to tune the focal length and the diffracted fields of surface plasmon modes. The proposed structure is studied as both converging and diverging lens and its possible applications in SPR microscopy is discussed.


, Surface plasmon, dielectric lenses, optofluidics.
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