International Iran Conference on Quantum Information 2018 , 2018-09-08

Title : ( How Quantum is a "Quantum Walk"? )

Authors: Fereshte Shahbeigi , Seyed Javad Akhtarshenas , Ali Rezakhani ,

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e characterize quantumness of the so-called quantum walks (whose dynamics is governed by quantum mechanics) by introducing two computable measures which are stronger than the variance of the walker's position probability distribution. The first measure is based on comparing probability distributions of a quantum walk and all classical random walks (through the classical relative entropy of the distributions), and it quantifies non-Gaussianity of the probability distribution of the walk. Next, after assigning a density matrix to classical walks, %by a no-coherence density matrix in the position basis whose populations are given by the probability distribution of the walk. We use this to we introduce a more powerful measure by employing quantum relative entropy. We %also give an analytic expression for this measure and show that this measure exceeds the first one by the quantum coherence of the walk. There are walks labeled classical by the variance whereas our measures identify some quantumness therein. As an application, we study a model of quantum (energy) transport on a simple lattice, and compare the behavior of its relative transport efficiencies with that of the quantumness. Our measures help partly explain why in some quantum transport phenomena a considerably high efficiency may appear---this is where quantumness is appreciable.


, Quantum walk, Relative entropy, Quantumness, Energy transport
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%A علی رضاخانی
%J International Iran Conference on Quantum Information 2018
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