Quantum Information Processing, Volume (17), No (10), Year (2018-10) , Pages (1-16)

Title : ( Measuring quantum discord using the most distinguishable steered states )

Authors: vahid nassajpour isfahani , Seyed Javad Akhtarshenas ,

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Any two-qubit state can be represented, geometrically, as an ellipsoid with a certain size and a center located within the Bloch sphere of one of the qubits. Points of this ellipsoid represent the post-measurement states when the other qubit is measured. Based on the most demolition concept in the definition of quantum discord, we study the amount of demolition when the two post-measurement states, represented as two points on the steering ellipsoid, have the most distinguishability. We use trace distance as a measure of distinguishability and obtain the maximum distinguishability for some classes of states, analytically. Using the optimum measurement that gives the most distinguishable steered states, we extract quantum correlation of the state and compare the result with the quantum discord. It is shown that there are some important classes of states for which the most demolition happens exactly at the most distinguished steered points. Correlations gathered from the most distinguished post-measurement states provide a faithful and tight upper bound touching the quantum discord in most of the cases.


, Quantum steering ellipsoid, Quantum correlations, Quantum discord, Demolition
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