International Journal of Information Science and Management, Volume (11), No (1), Year (2013-3) , Pages (29-42)

Title : ( Mapping Unimarc Fields to FRBR Entities and User Tasks )

Authors: Sholeh Arastoopoor , Rahmatollah Fattahi ,

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Frbrizing OPACs is viewed from two different angles: the system approach and the user approach. The first deals with different requirements of a system to be Frbrized automatically. The second regards the user as the integral element which any system attempts to serve. Due to the very huge number of MARC records stored in our OPAC databases, data mining MARC records to find different FRBR entities or user functions has been a dominant approach in Frbrizing systems. An in-depth study in this regard has been conducted on MARC 21 but there is no evident attempt performing the same job on Unimarc or its different national derivations/adaptations. This study aims at mapping Unimarc fields and subfields to FRBR entities (1st group: Work, Expression, Manifestation, Item) and also user functions (Find, Identify, Select, Obtain). For this purpose, Unimarc fields (0XX – 7XX) were mapped to FRBR and those fields relevant for identifying entities or supporting different user tasks were identified. After pointing out some major gaps and also strengths of Unimarc for Frbrization, some concluding remarks have been made. .


, Unimarc, Mapping Study, FRBR, User Tasks, Bibliographic Entities.
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