Physical Review C, ( ISI ), Volume (98), No (5), Year (2018-11) , Pages (54313-54321)

Title : ( Normal Deformed Structures in Hafnium Isotopes )

Authors: Hadi Taheri , Azam Kardan , Mohammad Hadi Hadizadeh Yazdi ,

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The structures of yrast normal-deformed (ND) bands in Hf isotopes have been investigated using the unpaired cranked Nilsson-Strutinsky (CNS), and the paired cranked Nilsson-Strutinsky-Bogoliubov (CNSB) models. New optimized Nilsson parameters have been derived and used in the models to interpret the experimental data in 168–175Hf isotopes. The calculated kinematic moments of inertia, as well as the excitation energies of the yrast bands, have been compared with the experimental findings, and good agreements are observed. Configuration changes along the yrast lines have been traced by the aid of the CNS calculations. The calculated single-particle excitations shed more light on the nature of the crossings and successfully explain some features of the observed rotational bands which had not been clear before.


, Normal Deformed Structures, Enhanced Deformed Structures, back bending, pairing effects, Hafnium Isotopes, cranking models
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