Future of Medical Education Journal, Volume (2), No (6), Year (2016-6) , Pages (13-18)

Title : ( Credibility of the Pattern of Educational Qualification of Faculty Members )

Authors: Masoomeh Mohammad Hossein Zadeh , Mahmood Saeedy Rezvani , Shokofeh Masoodi* ,

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Background: the success of faculty members of Medical Sciences Universities in medical education arena requires qualification and capabilities authentication in relation with education. In order to achieve these capabilities, it is necessary to use new and influential approaches of empowerment. One of the appropriate approaches is “Competency Based Training” (CBT). In this method, competencies of each profession are identified. Then, educational programs are designed and held to gain the competency for each person in an organization. One of the important steps of CBT is to codify and credit competency Model. Therefore, the purpose of the present study is to credit competency model for medical sciences professors. Methods: This study was conducted in 2014. This is a descriptive cross-sectional study conducted on 120 faculty members of Mashhad University of Medical Sciences. This study used census.The questionier emailed for all faculty member. After 20 days sent remail . The validity was assessed based on experts’ opinion and reliability was evaluated by Cronbach’s alpha. Results: the results showed that the success of faculty members in education required four main competencies including research competencies, medial competencies, teaching competencies and general competencies. Almost all of them are necessary. Conclusions: according to results of the study, credibility of the model is confirmed and this competency model that is codified and credited can be used for different purposes such as selection and recruitment of faculty members, educational needs-assessment and programming, development and empowerment of them. These findings were compatible with other studies in this field.


Credibility; Competency Model; Competency Based Training; Faculty Member
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