ISA Transactions, ( ISI ), Volume (86), Year (2018-11) , Pages (238-248)

Title : ( Loss model based efficiency optimized control of brushless DC motor drive )

Authors: Amir Khazaee , Hossein Abootorabi Zarchi , Gholamreza Arab Markadeh ,

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Energy efficiency improvement of electrical motor drives has recently become a very interesting subject. Several methods have been proposed in the literature to improve the efficiency of permanent magnet synchronous machine (PMSM) with sinusoidal back-EMF. These methods are not precise and appropriate for brushless DC machine (BLDCM) with trapezoidal back-EMF. As a unique solution, this work introduces a flux controlled based loss minimization algorithm suitable for BLDCM that considers iron loss as well as influence of back-EMF harmonics; consequently promotes efficiency of machine. In this regard, the loss model of PMSM is extended based on multiple reference frame analysis to include back-EMF harmonics of BLDCM. As an advantage, proposed modified loss model does not require any additional data about the dimensions of machine that makes it suitable for industrial motor drive applications. The Proposed loss model is validated through experimental tests in different operating conditions. Afterward, by applying direct torque and indirect flux control of BLDCM as the control technique, d-axis current in the rotor reference frame is controlled to reduce the air gap flux and consequently iron loss of the machine. Finally, a procedure is presented to determine the optimum d-axis current which maximizes the efficiency. Effectiveness of proposed control system is evaluated using simulation results in MATLAB/Simulink and experimental results on a practical prototype. It is indicated that depending on the operating conditions, about 2% to 11% of efficiency improvement would be achieved in the proposed method.


, Brushless DC machine, Loss model control, Loss minimization algorithm, Efficiency optimization
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