Journal of Agricultural Science and Technology, ( ISI ), Volume (20), No (6), Year (2018-6) , Pages (1279-1291)

Title : ( Identification of Experimental Herbaceous Host Range of Citrus viroid V )

Authors: Leyla Ebrahimi moghadam , Mohammad Zaki AGhl , Behrooz Jafarpour , Mohsen Mehrvar ,

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Citrus Viroid V -CVdV- is a member of the genus Apscaviroid, in the Pospiviroidae family. It is restricted to citrus species naturally. The herbaceous host range of CVdV was determined using the viroid infectious clone. Several herbaceous plants from the Cucurbitaceae, Solanaceae, Fabaceae, and Asteraceae families were found to be susceptible to CVdV. Also, CVdV could be transmitted to these hosts through rubbing of monomeric DNA plasmids and through mechanical inoculation of infected sap. The accumulation of CVdV in the tomato was monitored up to 28 days after inoculation and a further 56-fold increase of viroid titer was observed. Analysis of sequences of the viroid progenies from herbaceous plants revealed several nucleotide substitutions, which mostly concentrated in the pathogenicity domain on the secondary structure of the viroids.


, Agro-inoculation, CVdV, Mechanical inoculation, Pathogenicity domain, Viroid species.
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