3rd International Brain Stimulation Conference , 2019-02-24

Title : ( HD-tDCS in patients with refractory left focal LTE: cognitive performance )

Authors: Javad Hasan Nia Roshan , M. Arzani , Ali Ghanaei CHamanabad , Ali Mashhadi , M. Motamedi , S.A. Karvigh ,

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Left focal LTE which is drug resistance causes cognitive disorders. This report focused on HD-tDCS in cognitive performances such as attention complex, working memory, and cognitive flexibility in these patients. Ten participants for whom the epileptogenic local was determined by LTM and met the inclusion criteria were put in the experimental group. The stimulation was done by the HD-tDCS for 10 sessions, each session lasted 20 minutes. 2mA in the epileptogenic foci C3: cathode and Cz,T3,P3,F3: anode were done in 10-20 system. EEG, the tests of IVA+, n-back and Wisconsin card sorting test for evaluation of patients were done before and after the intervention and for one month-follow up. Our study showed a significant increase in the number of correct responses and reaction time in the n-back test. And also a significant increase of performance in audio and visual selective, focused, sustained, divided, and alternative attention in +IVA test. The mean of the increase in the performance of patients in visual attention was more than audio attention. The evaluation of mean for visual and audio responses control increased significantly. Preservative errors from the results of Wisconsin in comparison to the mean decreased significantly. Also lasting effect after one month was significant. We reported in our previous paper the mean seizure frequency changes that showed decrement by an average of 17.9% immediately, and increment by an average of 38.1% one month after the HD-tDCS. These changes were not significant statistically -p-value >0.05-. - S.A. Karvigh at all,2017- Therefore according to the findings of this study, in these patients the cathodal HD-tDCS in epileptogenic foci can increase the performance of working memory, the attention complex, and cognitive flexibility. But about seizure control must be more cautious and more studies are needed.


, HD-tDCS, epilepsy, cognitive function, attention, working memory, executive function
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