Thin-Walled Structures, ( ISI ), Volume (134), No (134), Year (2019-1) , Pages (18-28)

Title : ( A nonlinear study on structural damping of SMA hybrid composite beam )

Authors: Yahya Bayat , Hamid Ekhteraei Toussi ,

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A more realistic analysis of forced and transient vibrations for a composite beam with SMA wires is provided by considering the following details: Low and high temperature vibrations are simulated by using the Panico–Brinson model which replicates the pseudo-elastic -PE- and ferro-elastic -FE- hysteresis types of martensite transformations. Besides first-order shear deformation beam theory -FOBT- and large deflection von Karman strain–displacement correlations are used to obtain more accurate estimations of stress field which consequently can result in better estimations of SMA wires hysteresis loops and their decaying characteristics. The governing equations of forced vibration in a beam under transient dynamical loading is developed and discretized by using the multiple method of differential-integral quadrature -DQ-IQ-. Incremental time-domain solution of the problem is obtained by Newmark time marching technique. Nonlinear space-domain governing equations are solved by Newton-Raphson method. The results are assessed by comparing with available literature. Considering different types of boundary conditions, the influence of SMA layer position, the hysteresis behavior of pseudo-elastic and ferro-cycles, the pre-straining of SMA wires, the geometrical nonlinearities and the amplitudes of the impulsive loads are studied in detail.


, SMA reinforced composite beam Ferro, elastic and pseudo, elastic behaviors FOBT Damping capacity Differential quadrature, integral quadrature method
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