Ukrainian Mathematical Journal, Volume (72), No (12), Year (2020-12) , Pages (1663-1668)

Title : ( Some results in quasitopological homotopy groups )

Authors: Tayyebe Nasri , Bibi Hanieh Mirebrahimi Paziquee , Hamid Torabi Ardakani ,

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In this paper we show that the nth quasitopological homotopy group of a topological space is isomorphic to -n−1-th quasitopological homotopy group of its loop space and by this fact we obtain some results about quasitopological homotopy groups. Finally, using the long exact sequence of a based pair and a fibration in qTop introduced by Brazas in 2013, we obtain some results in this field.


, Homotopy group, Quasitopological group, Fibration
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