Indian Journal of Physics, ( ISI ), Volume (93), No (9), Year (2019-9) , Pages (1211-1217)

Title : ( Renormalization scale and coupling constant on different flavors )

Authors: Reihaneh Saleh Moghaddam , Mohammad Ebrahim Zomorrodian ,

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We measure the coupling constant -as- as well as the non-perturbative parameter -a0- in QCD theory by using the renormalization equation and also the dispersive model. Our analysis is based on employing the event shape observables. By fitting the Monte Carlo as well as the real data with the dispersive distributions, we obtain /a_{s}=0.1177+- 0.0054 and /a{0+=0.5772+-.:0348 GeV. Using different renormalization scales and different flavors gives us results which are consistent with each other. Our values are also consistent with the obtained results from other experiments at different energies as well as with the QCD predictions. We explain all these features in this article.


, Quantum chromo, dynamics; Renormalization; Flavor; Coupling constant
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