International Journal of Psychology, Volume (13), No (1), Year (2019-3) , Pages (5-21)

Title : ( The Effect of Induced Positive and Negative Mood on Creativity )

Authors: Masomeh Rahimi , Parviz Sabahi , Imanollah Bigdeli ,

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Mood has a significant effect on interpersonal and intrapersonal output. Among the intrapersonal output, creativity can be mentioned. Presently, one of the principle purposes of educational systems is to enhance and promote creativity in people. The aim of this study is to examine the effect of inducing positive and negative moods on the creativity of university students. A sample including 20 female participants was randomly chosen from Semnan University using the simple sampling method. A combination of vignette and music were used for mood induction. Each participant was evaluated in three stages: induction of neutral mood, induction of positive mood, and, finally, induction of negative mood. To control the effect of intervention transfer, the order of interventions was counterbalanced. For manipulation, checking the mood of PANAS was used. To assess creativity, the TORRENCE scale -Form B- was used. Multivariate analysis of variance with repeated measures was utilized for data analysis. The results showed that positive mood induction has a significant effect on creativity components that involve flexibility, elaboration, fluency, and originality. The results of this research were consistent with other findings, demonstrating that inducing a positive mood had an effect on creativity. These findings were explained with a consideration of theatrical and empirical basics.


nduced mood; positive mood; negative mood; creativity
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